About Us

LeagueSafe was created in 2008 by industry veteran Paul Charchian, with the goal of simplifying and automating the last remaining hassle in fantasy league administration: Finance management.

As co-owner of Fanball.com, a full-service fantasy sports company that launched in 1993, Paul often heard hardship stories from fantasy players and commissioners alike.  Some owners didn’t pay on time. Many never paid. Some commissioners took weeks or months to pay winners—if they paid at all.  

With that in mind, Paul left Fanball to create LeagueSafe, which was built to meet several key objectives:

  1. Simplify entry fee payments
  2. Secure league fees throughout the season
  3. Offer total transparency of league finances to all team owners
  4. Give owners the opportunity to validate their commissioner intended payouts
  5. Release funds immediately after the end of the season

In today’s fantasy sports landscape, where leagues are increasingly populated online, often with people who don’t know one another, LeagueSafe is an extremely valuable and convenient way of protecting the integrity of league funds.

LeagueSafe went live with a beta launch in March, 2008 and was fully operational in August, 2008.

You can interact with LeagueSafe in several ways:

Our online customer help system: http://help.leaguesafe.com

Snail mail:


3021 Harbor Lane N, Suite 205

Plymouth MN 55447