Pay your entry fee for Sultans of Swat

You are about to join Sultans of Swat. Please review the league settings carefully. By continuing to join the league you are agreeing to all league settings displayed. In the next step you will be required to make a payment to complete the process of joining this league.

If you do not agree with all the league settings displayed do not continue and contact your league commissioner for assistance.


MLB 2012


Your commissioner is Jared May


Entry fee for this league is $20.00


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


No reimbursement allowed

Not activated, no funds can be withdrawn by the commissioner for league management fees.

Payment Settings

Payments can be made with E-Check

Free payments can be made via e-check (an electronic transaction using your bank account) only.


Commissioner has total control

League funds are distributed by the commissioner without any approval. Team owners waive their right to dispute the commissioner's allocation of funds.
IMPORTANT! The commissioner can allocate funds in any way they see fit, with no intervention by LeagueSafe or league members. Pay your entry fee only if you know and/or trust your commissioner. If you’re not comfortable with this Payout Rule, contact your commissioner to request a Payout Rule that allows for a league vote on payout distributions.
Deadline Passed: Late payments not available
Contact your league commissioner about allowing payments