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12 team idp ppr

looking for a few more people

League Settings & Rules

Quarterback (QB)14Team Quarterback (TQB)0N/ARunning Back (RB)28Running Back/Wide Receiver (RB/WR)1N/AWide Receiver (WR)28Wide Receiver/Tight End (WR/TE)0N/ATight End (TE)13Flex (FLEX)1N/AOffensive Player Utility (OP)0N/ADefensive Tackle (DT)0No LimitDefensive End (DE)0No LimitLinebacker (LB)3No LimitEdge Rusher (EDR)0No LimitDefensive Line (DL)2N/ACornerback (CB)0No LimitSafety (S)0No LimitDefensive Back (DB)2N/ADefensive Player Utility (DP)1N/ATeam Defense/Special Teams (D/ST)0N/APlace Kicker (K)13Punter (P)0N/AHead Coach (HC)0N/ABench (BE)12N/AInjured Reserve (IR) 4 PassingPassing Yards (PY)0.04TD Pass (PTD)4Interceptions Thrown (INT)-22pt Passing Conversion (2PC)2RushingRushing Yards (RY)0.1TD Rush (RTD)62pt Rushing Conversion (2PR)2ReceivingReceiving Yards (REY)0.1Each reception (REC)1TD Reception (RETD)62pt Receiving Conversion (2PRE)2KickingEach PAT Made (PAT)1Total FG Missed (FGM)-1FG Made (0-39 yards) (FG0)3FG Made (40-49 yards) (FG40)4FG Made (50+ yards) (FG50) 5 Defensive PlayersEach Sack (SK)2Blocked Punt, PAT or FG (BLKK)2Each Interception (INT)2Each Fumble Recovered (FR)2Each Fumble Forced (FF)2Each Safety (SF)2Assisted Tackles (TKA)0.5Solo Tackles (TKS)1

You are about to join Game of fake pigskins idp 2019 espn. Please review the league settings carefully. By continuing to make a payment into this league you are agreeing to all settings displayed by your commissioner. In the next step you will be required to make your payment to complete the process of joining this league.

If you do not agree with all of the league settings displayed, please contact gameofpigskin. He or she is the one who likely invited you to this league.


NFL 2019

NFL 2019 has a payment deadline of 8/9/2019 and starts it's regular season on 9/5/2019


Your commissioner is gameofpigskin

gameofpigskin has been with LeagueSafe since 4/27/2017 and has collected dues for 5 leagues.


Entry fee for this league is $20.00


Friday, August 9, 2019


No reimbursement allowed

Not activated, no funds can be withdrawn by the commissioner for league management fees.

Payment Settings

Payments can be made with Credit/Debit Card or E-check

A 4% processing fee applies to all payment options.


Majority Approval

All league members will be given an opportunity to vote on the commissioner's assigned end-of-season winnings. Funds will be distributed to league winners in accordance with the commissioner's assigned payouts unless a majority of league members vote against the allocation.
Deadline Passed: Late payments not available
Contact your league commissioner about allowing payments