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Established league needing a couple new owners.

yahoo league 3 Utility starters. 3 SP 3 RP 3 P spots. 6 BN 5 IL 2 NA spots.6X6 categories. We have been playing for a few years. Competitve Friendly League.

League Settings & Rules

standard scoring

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If you do not agree with all of the league settings displayed, please contact jeff fugate. He or she is the one who likely invited you to this league.


MLB 2021

MLB 2021 has a payment deadline of 3/12/2021 and can payout funds on 9/2/2021.


Your commissioner is jeff fugate

jeff fugate has been with LeagueSafe since 7/29/2013 and has collected dues for 64 leagues.


Entry fee for this league is $50.00


Friday, March 12, 2021


No reimbursement allowed

Not activated, no funds can be withdrawn by the commissioner for league management fees.

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Majority Approval

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