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Need 3 Replacement Managers for $100 Yahoo Roto Keeper League Entering its 2nd Season Salary Cap Draft Friday March 18th LeagueSafe

2nd Year 12 Team ROTO using the Yahoo fantasy platform.

League Settings & Rules


OWNER COSTS Entry fee $100. Any owner who has NOT paid their entry fee on LeagueSafe prior to the LeagueSafe deadline of March 1st will be asked to leave the league.

LEAGUE FORMAT A. Rotisserie Format B. Online salary cap draft.
C. Salary cap budget is $300 D. Daily lineups (Monday – Sunday) E. $600 for 1st, $300 for 2nd, $200 for 3rd, and $100 for 4th

ROSTER LIMITS 22 Active players 8 Reserve players 4 Disabled

ROSTER REQUIREMENTS 1 catcher 1 first basemen 1 second basemen 1 shortstop 1 third basemen 5 outfielders 1 middle infielder 1 corner infielder 1 utility 9 pitchers 8 bench

Note: Rosters are illegal and don’t accumulate stats if roster requirements are not met.

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY will be used to determine player eligibility during the draft and season.


A. Hitting Average Home Runs RBI’s Runs Stolen Bases

B. Pitching ERA WHIP Wins Saves K’s (total team strikeouts)

The maximum amount of innings pitched for the season is 1650. The maximum number of games played for positional players is 180. In other words you do not have to be concerned with reaching the max number of games played for position players. There are no minimum innings requirements for either pitchers or positional players.

FREE AGENT ACQUISITIONS (FAAB) Each owner will have $260 for the season to bid on free agents using the FAAB process within the league site. The FAAB process is a blind auction, in which the manager can bid a minimum of $0 or whole numbers can be bid to acquire free agent players. Highest bidder wins the player. In the event of a tie, the waiver order will be used to determine which owner wins the player. When an owner is the successful bidder of a free agent player, they move to the end of the waiver order and the winning bid is deducted from the FAAB budget. FAAB will run Sunday through Saturday nights.

IN SEASON SALARY Original keeper value or drafted value will apply for any FAAB pickups. Any player who was not drafted in the salary cap draft and is an in-season free agent FAAB pickup will have a designated salary of $5.

TRADES Trade deadline will be during the second week of August. Trades will be approved by the commissioner. Rival general managers can alert the commissioner of suspected collusion which could void the trade. C. If trades are done where collusion is suspected, or the commissioner feels an owner is intentionally trying to damage the league with lopsided trades. Then the trade will not be allowed to go through and you may have your trading privileges revoked (decision to be made by the commissioner). All we are asking is that you attempt to make fair trades. They don’t have to be even trades, as long as they aren’t lopsided ones.

KEEPERS A maximum of 5 players can be kept from the prior season. Players can be under contract for a maximum of 3 years (seasons). So just so we are clear on this lets say you draft a player and he stays on your team for a full season then the player can be retained for two more seasons. For example, drafted in 2021, kept in 2022, and kept in 2023. In 2024 the player would go back into the draft. Any player that was selected in the salary cap draft will have a first year salary which was the winning bid in the salary cap draft. If a player that was drafted is subsequently waived and later picked up as a FAAB selection then the original salary cap draft bid will be the salary for the player not the winning bid price in the FAAB free agent process. In addition, the drafted player's contract year is still in effect. It does not revert back to year one after being waived.

Any FAAB free agent player that was NOT selected in the salary cap draft will have a salary of $5 during the initial season of a possible 3 year contract. The winning bid price in the FAAB free agent process will NOT be the salary.

        D.  Keeper inflation:  After a player's first season of the 3 year contract $5 will be added to the player's first season contract.  Therefore, any player that was obtained through the FAAB process and is designated as a keeper for the second season of the 3 year contract will have a second year salary of $10.  Any player who was selected in the salary cap draft and is designated as a keeper for the second season of the 3 year contract will have a second year salary of $5 added on to whatever the bid was in the salary cap draft to obtain the player.  If a player is designated as a keeper for the third and final year of the three-year contract that player will have an additional $5 added to the player's salary.
  1. DRAFT A. The salary cap draft will be conducted on Friday night March 18th. B. Each team will have a salary cap drafting budget of $300. However, any owner who chooses to keep a player(s) (up to 5 may be kept) from the prior season will have that player's salary deducted from the $300 salary cap draft budget. C. You must draft a full roster of starters and bench players in the salary cap draft.


Cut rosters down to 5 players on the Wednesday before the draft. If one of those 5 players has a serious injury within those 3 days before the draft, the owner can drop him or pick up one of the most recent dropped players. Or he may freeze less than 5 players.

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MLB 2022

MLB 2022 has a payment deadline of 3/1/2022 and can payout funds on 9/2/2022.


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Entry fee for this league is $100.00


Tuesday, March 1, 2022


No reimbursement allowed

Not activated, no funds can be withdrawn by the commissioner for league management fees.

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Majority Approval

All league members will be given an opportunity to vote on the commissioner's assigned end-of-season winnings. Funds will be distributed to league winners in accordance with the commissioner's assigned payouts unless a majority of league members vote against the allocation.

$600 for 1st, $300 for 2nd, $200 for 3rd, and $100 for 4th

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