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WWG1WGA! 30-TEAM REDRAFT LEAGUE (Fantrax) 10x10, H2H, 28-Man Rosters, Auction Draft, 28-Man Rosters,10x10 H2H Categories

League Settings & Rules


Thank you for your interest in this league. After launching a few successful keeper leagues, I wanted to create a REDRAFT league incorporating the beauty of the advanced statistics that capture unique player worth, the large roster sizes, and hopefully, the great chat room atmosphere where we can all express frustration, amazement, and laughter at the way the season unfolds.

Yes, this is real. 30 teams, like the MLB. 28-man September-size rosters. 840 players drafted. Join Quick. This will fill fast.

AUCTION DRAFT: **Sunday, March 19 @ 3:30 ET. **

So if you're looking for talented competition, balanced stats and settings, and the ultimate single-season challenge, join fast and invite your most competitive league friends.

To stay, please pay the $200 within an hour of joining or I may reach remove you to make room for paid owners, especially as it gets full.

Questions or comments? Email me right away so I do not remove you after an hour if you are unpaid.

Best regards,

Matt T. | | 908-421-0761 (text first pref.) Commissioner

**LEAGUE SUMMARY ** **WWG1WGA! 30-Team Redraft League (Year 1)

ENTRY FEE: MUST PAY using LEAGUESAFE $200 entry fee within 1 HOUR of JOINING to STAY (link inside)

**KEY FEATURES: **30-Teams, 20 Statistics (10 x 10 H2H Categories)

**DRAFT FORMAT: **Salary Cap Auction Draft ($260 per team)

**FORMAT: **H2H Categories (10x10)

AUCTION DRAFT: Sunday, March 19, 2023 @ 3:30 pm ET (Will be 6+ hours, be warned)

ROSTER: 28-Man Roster (26 Active +2 Bench Reserve) +10 IL, +10 minors.

DETAILED ROSTER: 2 C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, 4 OF, UT, 13 P, (2 Bench Reserve); Minimum Active: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3 OF, 10 P.

VISION: To enjoy the ultimate single-season MLB general manager simulation with active, respectful and talented owners interested in a redraft league that mirrors the MLB through settings and statistics that capture unique player value, maximize strategy, and impose realistic constraints.

INSPIRATION: For Those Who Love God, Country, and our National Pastime.

ENTRY: $200 for 2023 Collected through LeagueSafe.

PRIZES AFTER PLAYOFFS (12-TEAMS): 1st - $2000, 2nd - $1000, 3rd - $800, 4th - $600, 5th - $300, 6th - $200, Best Record (Season): $100, Division Winners: $100 x 6 divisions for $600, Consolation Bracket Prize (Winner of top 16 non-playoff teams bracket): $200, Fee Reimbursement: $200 – to commissioner for Fantrax fees and setup.

KEEPER RULES: No keepers in this league.

VETOES: Trade Vetoes require 16 of 30 teams to reject within a 3-day time period.

STATISTICS: 10 Hitting and 10 Pitching Categories selected to maximize strategic choices and capture real-world player value (see inside).


10 Hitting (AB, HR, SNB3 (Stolen Bases - Caught Stealing - Pickoffs), RBI, R, AVG, FPT, OBP, TSB, SLG),

10 PITCHING: ERA, ER, IP, NS, NW (W-L), K, HLD+PO (Holds+Pickoffs), MWHIP (Modified Whip: Walks+Hits+HitBatsmen / IP), QSCS (Quality Starts + Complete Games + Shutouts), K/9

REQS: 100 AB per week / 35 innings P per week or else lose all hitting or pitching categories.

QUESTIONS: Email commissioner Matt T. at | 908-421-0761 (text first pref.).

RULES: Commissioner controls all rules and settings, but seeks input as to the best settings and may offer rule discussion/vote for ambiguities.

UPDATED: 01/20/23

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Entry fee for this league is $200.00


Monday, May 1, 2023


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Majority Approval

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1- 2000, 2- 1000, 3- 800, 4- 600, 5- 300, 6- 200, Best Record: 100, Div. Winners: 100, Consolation Winner: 200, Commissioner: 200

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