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12 Team SUPERFLEX AUCTION Redraft League (Highest Quality Scoring & Settings) - $350

This is a 12 Team Superflex Auction League ($200 Salary Cap Budget):

League Settings & Rules

Link to Yahoo League:

League ID#: 9600 League Name: WAR GAMES - 12 TEAM SUPERFLEX Auto-renew Enabled: Yes Entry Fee: $350 (USD) Draft Type: Live Salary Cap Draft ($200 Budget) Draft Time: Thu Aug 29 9:00pm EDT [ Add to My Calendar ] Cash League Settings: $2,000 (1st), $1,000 (2nd), $500 (3rd), $350 (Most Points), $350 (Regular Season 1st) Max Teams: 12 Scoring Type: Head-to-Head Start Scoring on: Week 1 Can't Cut List Provider: None Max Acquisitions for Entire Season: No maximum Max Acquisitions per Week: 7 Max Trades for Entire Season: No maximum Trade End Date: November 16, 2024 Allow Draft Pick Trades: No Trade Review: League Votes Votes Required to Veto a Trade: 8 Trade Reject Time: 1 day Waiver Time: 2 days Waiver Type: FAB w/ Continual rolling list tiebreak ($100 FAAB Budget) Weekly Waivers Game Time - Tuesday Allow injured players from waivers or free agents to be added directly to injury slot: Yes Post Draft Players: Follow Waiver Rules Invite Sharing Tools: Enabled Playoffs: 6 teams - Week 15, 16 and 17 (ends Monday, Dec 30) Playoff Tie-Breaker: Higher seed wins Playoff Reseeding: No Divisions: No Lock Eliminated Teams: Yes Apply Injured Status For Postponed Games Yes Roster Positions: QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, Q/W/R/T, K, DEF, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR Fractional Points: Yes Negative Points: Yes Lock Benched Players: No Make League Publicly Viewable: Yes Invite Permissions: Commissioner Only

Offense League Value:

Passing Yards: 25 yards per point Passing Touchdowns: 6 Interceptions: -2 Sacks: -0.5 Pick Sixes Thrown: -4

Rushing Yards: 10 yards per point Rushing Touchdowns: 6 Rushing 1st Downs: 0.5

Receptions: 1 Receiving Yards: 10 yards per point Receiving Touchdowns 6

Return Touchdowns: 6 2-Point Conversions: 2 Fumbles Lost: -2 Offensive Fumble Return TD: 6

Passing Yards (Bonus 1) 300 Yards: 1 Passing Yards (Bonus 2) 400 Yards: 2 Passing Yards (Bonus 3) 500 Yards: 3

Rushing Yards (Bonus 1) 100 Yards: 1 Rushing Yards (Bonus 2) 150 Yards: 2 Rushing Yards (Bonus 3) 200 Yards: 3

Receiving Yards (Bonus 1) 100 Yards: 1 Receiving Yards (Bonus 2) 150 Yards: 2 Receiving Yards (Bonus 3) 200 Yards: 3

Kickers League Value:

Field Goals Total Yards: 10 yards per point Field Goals Missed 0-19 Yards: -1 Field Goals Missed 20-29 Yards: -0.75 Field Goals Missed 30-39 Yards: -0.5 Field Goals Missed 40-49 Yards: -0.25 Field Goals Missed 50+ Yards: -0.10 Point After Attempt Made: 1 Point After Attempt Missed: -1

Defense/Special Teams League Value:

Sack: 1 Interception: 2 Fumble Recovery: 2 Touchdown: 6 Safety: 4 Block Kick: 3 Return Yards: 100 Yards = 1 Point Kickoff and Punt Return Touchdowns: 7 Points Allowed 0 points: 10 Points Allowed 1-6 points: 7.5 Points Allowed 7-13 points: 5 Points Allowed 14-20 points: 1 Points Allowed 21-27 points: -3 Points Allowed 28-34 points: -4 Points Allowed 35+ points: -5 4th Down Stops: 1 Three and Outs Forced: 0.5 Extra Point Returned: 2 Tackles for Loss: 0.25 Defensive Yards Allowed - Negative: 10 Defensive Yards Allowed 0-99: 5 Defensive Yards Allowed 100-199: 2.5 Defensive Yards Allowed 200-299: 1 Defensive Yards Allowed 300-399: -1 Defensive Yards Allowed 400-499: -2 Defensive Yards Allowed 500+: -3

Waiver Moves Once Eliminated: Once your team has been officially eliminated from the six-team playoff, your team will be locked and subsequently no longer allowed to make waiver moves.

Setting Lineups: Within 2 minutes of a scheduled game, if you are showing a missing starter/roster position (ex. no WR3 in your lineup), the Commissioner reserves the right to fill that spot with a bench player from that team who possesses the highest weekly projections for that week. This rule ensures that no Managers (particularly later in the year when teams have been eliminated) receive an unfair advantage as a result of someone failing to set their lineup.

Accidental Drop: You must contact me within a reasonable amount of time to reverse it should someone else pick that player up. Obvious accidents will be fixed. You can't let a starting-caliber player get dropped and then added to a new team. It alters the integrity of the league.

You are about to join War Games - 12 TEAM SUPERFLEX - $350. Please review the league settings carefully. By continuing to make a payment into this league you are agreeing to all settings displayed by your commissioner. In the next step you will be required to make your payment to complete the process of joining this league.

If you do not agree with all of the league settings displayed, please contact Rishi Alampur. He or she is the one who likely invited you to this league.


NFL 2024

NFL 2024 has a payment deadline of 8/22/2024 and can payout funds on 12/31/2024.


Your commissioner is Rishi Alampur

Rishi Alampur has been with LeagueSafe since 5/22/2023 and has collected dues for 1 leagues.


Entry fee for this league is $350.00


Thursday, August 22, 2024


No reimbursement allowed

Not activated, no funds can be withdrawn by the commissioner for league management fees.

Payment Settings

Payments can be made with Credit/Debit Card or E-check

A processing fee applies to all payment options.


Commissioner has defined payouts:

Playoff 1st - $2,000 Playoff 2nd - $1,000 Playoff 3rd - $500 Regular Season Most Points - $350 Regular Season 1st - $350

Majority Approval

All league members will be given an opportunity to vote on the commissioner's assigned end-of-season winnings. Funds will be distributed to league winners in accordance with the commissioner's assigned payouts unless a majority of league members vote against the allocation.