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Empire Dynasty Guillotine Redraft

SafeLeagues is a commissioner service that runs competitive empire, dynasty, and redraft leagues. All money is kept securely on LeagueSafe and played on MyFantasyLeague.  These leagues are run by Scott Fish, creator of the famous fantasy industry league the ScottFishBowl and host of the Commission Impossible podcast. He is widely regarded as one of the top commissioners in the industry and known for his innovation.

Starting 7/17, Ryan McDowell will be joining SafeLeagues to commish these leagues with Scott! He also hosts the Commission Impossible podcast, Hosts Dynasty Blueprint, is a senior partner at dynasty league football and many of the today's fun dynasty rules came from his innovativer brain. He's sometimes referred to as the face of dynasty.

Leagues schedules, draft orders, and divisions if applicable will be randomized once the league is full.

Once you pay, you will receive an invite to the MFL league host. This is usually pretty quick, but could take up to 24 hours.

Any questions, contact

New 2018

Empire Leagues

Join a newly forming empire league and get in on the ground floor! Leagues forming now from $30 - $350 per team!

Empire League Basics:

- 22 player roster dynasty format
- Half the yearly pot goes to the winner, half rolls from year to year
- When someone wins back-to-back years, two things happen: The rolling pot pays out and the league dissolves

Can you stop the reigning champ from winning again? If you're the champ, can you overcome 11 other owners to take the Empire pot?

New 2018

Dynasty Leagues

Join a newly forming dynasty league and get in on the ground floor!

Brought to you in partnership with the best Dynasty League Football site on the planet!

- 28 player rosters
- Progressive Pot that builds for a back to back champion

Leagues forming now from $30 - $350 per team!

New 2018

Guillotine Leagues

Guillotine Basics:

  • Redraft Eliminator format
  • The lowest scoring team is eliminated weekly
  • That team's players are dropped and owners still alive may pick them up.
  • 17 teams, 16 weeks, 1 final champion.

New 2018

Redraft Leagues

Join a newly forming redraft league! They will draft within a few days of filling

- 18 player rosters (9 starters, 9 bench)
- Superflex and non-Superflex options
- Top 3 payout in each league

Leagues forming now from $15 - $350 per team!