LeagueSafe was designed and launched in 2008 to provide not just the convenience and safety of paying fantasy league dues online, but also the security of knowing your league dues will be paid out at the end of the season. With LeagueSafe, your league funds are held safely all season long. Nobody, not even the commissioner, has access to the funds until the end of the season. You can be sure your league payouts are paid in accordance with your league rules with our first-of-its-kind "Majority Vote" security feature. LeagueSafe is ideal for all fantasy leagues for many reasons, and it's the gold standard if you play in a league of strangers or a league in which you don't know or trust the league commissioner.

League members pay their dues using one of our convenient and 100 percent safe and secure online payment options. LeagueSafe can be used from start to finish without incurring fees of any kind, and we don't remove a single cent from the league balance - 100% of every league's entry fees are paid out to winners at the end of the season. League commissioners can allocate payouts within hours of the end of the season, and owners can receive their winnings immediately using one of several instant payout delivery options. LeagueSafe is the trusted resource for managing and protecting your league's entry fees.

  • Collect Entry Fees

    Make payments by
    credit/debit card and e-check

  • Safeguard League Funds

    LeagueSafe secures league
    funds throughout the season

  • Authorize Payouts

    Voting options to approve
    end-of-season payouts

  • Withdraw Winnings

    Winnings available within hours
    of the end of the season


Using LeagueSafe's default payment option, league members can pay their entry fees for free. In order to make LeagueSafe possible, there are nominal fees for certain transaction types, as follows:

  • E-check: FREE
  • Balance transfer (i.e. paying with previous league winnings): FREE
  • Credit Card: 4% of the transaction amount
  • Virtual Visa prepaid card: no fee
  • Paper Check (standard): $2.00
  • Paper Check (expedited): $7.00
  • E-check (electronic bank transfer): $5.00
Late Fees
  • By default, no payments are allowed after a league's payment deadline. Optionally, commissioners can provide incentive for on-time payments by activating the late payment feature. LeagueSafe charges a late fee of $5.00 - $10.00 per payment, depending on your selected sport, if the league commissioner chooses to allow late payments.


LeagueSafe Old
Pay your entry fees online in moments
FREE options for payment of league fees
League funds are secured all season
Unpaid owners are automatically sent payment reminders
A payment deadline encourages owners to pay on time
Payouts occur within hours of the end of the season
Owners can vote to validate the commissioner’s winnings distribution
Winnings can be put towards future league entry fee payments
A full accounting of all league finances is accessible by all league members
The commissioner is stuck hounding deadbeats for money
League funds? What league funds? I’m taking this cash to Vegas!
Entry fees may or may not buy commissioner's wife a new pair of Pradas
Must lick nasty stuff on envelope and stamp
Free money! I’ll take the 50-1 longshot in the sixth race at Arlington!


  • Trasactions are 100% secure - LeagueSafe adheres to strict levels of online security, employing 256-bit AES encryption to protect your transactions.
  • No credit card or bank account information is stored on the site; each transaction is a one-time event.
  • League accounting is 100% transparent and end-of-season winnings are distributed with league member approval.
  • LeagueSafe's founder and president, Paul Charchian, is an acknowledged leader in the fantasy space. An industry pioneer who started way back in 1993, Charchian is also the President of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

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