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Setup your league for online payments

Part 1: League Basics
Commissioner Service
Determines how long payments can be collected and when payouts can be made.

Payments are due shortly after the beginning of the season. Payouts are available at the end of the season.

Deposit Deadline: .
Help us determine future product enhancements.

Please let us know where you are hosting your league this season.

Part 1: League Basics

For security reasons, office pool and playoff fantasy leagues require a 48-hour approval period for all payout allocations. Click for more info.

How does your league accept online payments?

E-check only: All owners can make free payments via E-check (an electronic transfer from their bank account).

Credit/Debit or E-check: Owners can choose to pay via credit or debit card or E-check. A 4% processing fee applies to all payment options.

Post-deadline payments incur additional fees.

You want to enter the default entry fee for each owner. Commissioners can adjust entry fees for each team individually after league setup. Fees for in-season events (like add/drops or trades) can be collected at the end of the season.

How does your league want to approve payouts?

Commissioner has total control: Commissioner distributes winnings to owners with no league approval. Owners waive their right to dispute the commissioner's allocation. Best for office pools and leagues comprised of owners who know and trust each other.

Majority approval: Winnings are distributed only after 51% of the league members approve the commissioner's proposed allocation. Best for leagues comprised of owners who don't know or trust each other.

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